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The Operations

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Processes description

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The company activities in foreign trade

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Quality management

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Supply chain management

Supply chain management


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The exportation of forest and agricultural and livestock products in Sudan as various kinds of Gum Arabic, Sesame, peanuts, Roselle, Senna pods, watermelon seeds, and leather skins.


We are driven by a mission to provide superior quality, forest, agricultural and livestock products to our customers keeping inline commitments with regards to quality incumbency, high professionalism, well-timed shipments and a transparent business approach. We strongly believe that the success of export depends largely on the relation we build with individuals as well as corporate companies.

The company mission is to provide the most efficient and competitive supply chain solution and superior service to the company customers beyond their expectations. The company always strives for the highest customer competitive price by embracing principles rooted in honesty reliability.


The company vision is to be an outstanding reference in the Sudanese non-petroleum exports for the forest, agricultural and livestock products in the future.

The company believes that providing quality products and service will create a mutual trust between the company and the valued customers. That’s why Kintra exist to fulfill their agricultural needs.


The company focus is their customers, both internal and external. Everything the company does revolve around ensuring that all the customers have positive and productive contacts with the company.


The company always encourages and supports each other to achieve the best in a safe, fun, relaxed environment.


Acting with dedication and skill, in manner that fully abides by professional standards and rules.


The company accepts responsibility for its actions and the company is accountable for the results achieved.


The company understands that the services are based on integrity and trust. So the company is focused to get customer satisfaction and positive reviews that will motivate the company to do more.


We make commitment with trust and make sure to satisfy the customers. The company trusted team is dedicated to provide cutting-edge solutions by evoking passion, purpose, and inspiration.


The company is continually seeking to provide excellent service through the development of new and improved methods of services with a commitment to innovation and excellence in every aspect.