Cotton is a soft, fluffy stable fiber that grows in a bowl, or protectively case around the seeds of the cotton plants of the genus Gossypine in the mallow family Malvaceae.


Cotton has been grown for food, fiber, and even fuel for over 6000 year. Cotton is in our clothes, sheets, and towels, but cotton also used to make things like rope, U.S currency, paper, cooking oil, animals – feed, packaging and bio-fuels.

Cotton plant

Cotton includes the bud, the blooming flower, and the almond, which contains fibers. The cotton plant grows vertically and has lateral branches spreading in all directions, and it has broad leaves with three to five lobes, and its main root grows to a depth of 1.2 m in the soil

The main grades of white cotton fibers are in descending order from best to worst:

  • Full medium quality
  • medium quality
  • Full below average quality
  • Below average quality
  • full normal quality
  • Ordinary quality.

As for the staple of cotton, it means the length of the lint of cotton, and the specialists take a sample of the lint of cotton by means of the thumb and fore-fingers, and then straighten the filaments several times to make them straight until a tuft of lint is formed, and the staple length represents the average length of these lint

There are four main types of cotton:

  • American upland cotton
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Sea islands cotton
  • Asian cotton